Winsor Castle and New Friends

Yesterday after-castle-angst:

1 p.m. “What am I DOING here? Castle thoroughly depressed me and it’s the worst weather of my life. I am sitting inside a dungeon cafe writing with gloves on and I still can’t feel my fingers. And my toes are so cold I am about to cry. I forgot how much I HATE sightseeing. It is tedious, expected and boring pretending to be interested in whatever you are paying to see. I just want a mocha and a sandwich. And I want to be alone. I have not eaten all day and have not had any caffeine. I have not felt anything close to warmth in the past 6 hours and I am lost.

3 p.m. “OHSOMUCHBETTER. Belly full caffeine in system and friend by my side. Realized I don’t like dead castles as much as I thought I would. BUT found a beautiful cafe/bar/restaurant once we finally braved the brutal weather again and left the cafe dungeon of the castle. Once we broke free of the walls and saw all of the life on the streets outside I felt like I was in heaven. THIS is what I need. BUSY LIVES. I cannot stand stagnant air. I don’t mind being stagnant, but the world around me cannot be that way. Went into the lovely town and found the Spanish themed restaurant and ordered a mocha and a cheese, onion and potato omelet with turned out to be as big as a PIZZA! Left a massive tip because so grateful for warmth and hot food and drink and something going right finally and LIFE. All day had gone without money because couldn’t get to a cash machine, and England does not fancy using credit cards very much, and so I was so happy to be able to pay for my own food and stop feeling shitty about myself. Moral of the story: Outside the castle walls- LIFE MOTION BUSY LOUD LIFE LOVE. Good to see inside but don’t ever think it’s better inside the walls. It’s much better to be the ones on the outside of the castles. :) METAPHOOOORRRRSSSSS. Zest for life back. xxxx”

This is the only way I will ever learn my geography: meeting someone who comes from there and then being extremely embarrassed when I am not sure where it is located. Met a guy from Iran tonight in my French class. He said he has lived in Dubai the past three years though. And then we ended up talking a shitton about Dubai and the whole time all I could think about was how I really hoped he didn’t realize how ignorant I was about the world. Anyway. Got done with French and zipped in the library. First checked facebook, and THEN googled Dubai. It’s on the Northern Coast of the United Arab Emirates. Just south of Iran east of Qatar and north east of Saudi Arabia. Iraq is right above Saudi Arabia. Met a girl tonight from Saudi Arabia. Both her and the guy from Iran were saying how they loved this horribly cold weather.

Anyway, in conclusion, I am a terrible person for not knowing my geography but I am slowly learning it by embarrassing myself in front of the masses. But isn’t that probably the best way to get anything to stick?

This is what we collectively realized over dinner: out of the original 15 Hasting’s girls- there is only one girl, the rest of us are lads.

Realized a bit of this when Stephani, a new girl from America, asked every girl in the house for a nail file and NO ONE HAD ONE.

But the balance works very well seeing as the guys from the house are mainly chicks.

“Comment vous appelles- vous?” today at dinner and the French found it acceptable. Also, I can finally pronounce Bertrand’s name correctly. It only took me 4 months. He now allows me to call him by his real name instead of BERT.

Oh dear. It has happened. I have met and befriended a Greek God. In my Latin class, no less. :O He grew up in London but his parents came over to England “on a boat with a donkey”. He visits his family in Cyprus every YEAR.

So 11 am Political Ideas- Hobbes and how the sovereign’s theoretical body is literally made up of his subjects thus harming his subjects harms himself. How having a state is always better than the state of nature and is the only way to escape the state of nature. But I would argue that it is impossible to escape the state of nature, and that we are really just primal beings with hotheads who lie to ourselves about our own motivations. But that is just me. :P

My US Foreign Policy class-that-is-not-really-my-class-but-I-am-going-to-attend-every-lecture-class was really good as well. Took a bunch of notes and got very interested in looking more into US policies.

Off to dinner and a night with friends. Though I would much rather stay and listen to music and read organize and type. But c’est la vie.

Got back from 11-4 days of classes, all of which were excellent. More about the day later. When I got home though, I grabbed my bike and rode up to reception and demanded to know why we are freezing out of our minds. Then rode down to the public library and dropped a few books off and got a few books: a Salman Rushdie novel, Dante’s Inferno and The Philosopher’s Stone. They gave the Harry Potter books different names in America! Did you know that? We read the Sorcerer’s Stone but it here it is the Philosopher’s stone. :D Bought some mandarin oranges on the way home for a pound and tried not to kill myself on ice riding back. :P

I FOUND LEICESTER’S CASTLE TODAY!! AND IT IS MAGNIFICENT!!! I also got lost. :P More on that later. But the castle- pretty sure they use it as a jail. Epic, yeah? I’ll get a picture tomorrow. It was all hazy today when I saw it. Crazy cool looking. Outshines Winsor by far in my opinion. :P

Ducked into my friend’s American Foreign Policy class. I think I will go every week. It was AWESOME and there’s a really smart Aussie teaching it. Very interesting to hear our stuff taught by other nationalities. I LOVED IT. More on that later too.

Now I have to run to French. But first I have to run to Beaumont to eat.

And my feet are wet and my room is cold and I think I will just stay at the library all night tonight studying and then curl up and read the Philosopher’s stone.

In Canada French is required in all schools for the first 9 years of education.

Leave comfort zone at least once a month.

*In response to the nasty gender equality debate the other night

“Going outside for some air?”

“No. I’m going to go get some balls and a penis because APPARENTLY you can’t do anything of note without them.”

“Sitting in ‘Foxy Brown’s in Stratford Upon Avon. Saw Shakespeare’s birthplace and bought a play.

I want to write a play this year.

Not putting pressure on self to produce anything immediately though. I have only just begun to really read and take in knowledge. Only just begun to explore the world and learn the world.”


“Having a pint of the “Old Speckled Hen” for my family in a pub that Shakespeare probably frequented.“ :D


When Eva when on her tour I took my chance to be an embarrassing tourist and went picture crazy.

Brittany, France- north west coast of France. Popular vacation spot for French people.


Venus and Adonis- Shakespeare poem

37 plays 547 sonnets

“To be wise and to love exceeds man’s might” -Troilus and Cressida

“Power into will, will into appetite” -Troilus and Cressida

On the highway we always pass a bunch of Royal Mail trucks and they always crack me up. Brought up to think of Monarchy as evil and then to see cute little crowned mail trucks plugging along the highway is a bit humorous.

On another note, class was brilliant. It is a political PHILOSOPHY class taught by a WOMAN so of course I am LOVING it. :D Have two friends in the class and met other new people. Ate lunch with some new friends and then ran off to stumble upon my brilliant BIKE! :D Em is stopping by right now to get her wheels tightened up. I told her to tell him Annie from Kansas sent her. He told me business had been a bit slow the past few weeks as no one has any money to spare and I told him I would tell all my friends and crank up his business. Brought back his cards and gave them to my friends.

YUM. Went over to Loic’s house and he fixed us huge Belgian meatballs with onions inside with pasta and sauce. SO GOOD. After we played the card game Kems and then Presidents and Peons (which I kept winning. that American capitalistic attitude deep inside me I guess… :P). We were a mix of French, English and Spanish cultures and had a lot of fun comparing norms. They all think my hugs are so funny because they do not really give hugs at all in their countries. It is a lot more intimate than kissing for them. The guys kiss each other goodbye on the cheeks. And then I am so awkward when they all kiss me. It is funny. Where you come from makes the amount of kisses vary though. In Paris where Eva is from they do four traditionally but she does two. Loic does one and where another French friend is from they do three. And it also varies which side you start kissing on by region and also if you forget to kiss anyone present it is very offensive. Like you are ignoring them. SO KISS THE FRENCH AND SPANISH.

Me and Em never fight much less wake up when the other turns on the lights, turns on the radio or brings friends in. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Snowball fight with Europeans on our way home from dinner today.

Languages all day. Latin and Greek in the pub in Stratford, French and Spanish and Italian in the queue at dinner and German and Korean during dinner. And loving it.

CAREER: STUDY- Linguistics and Classics. DO- Journalism International Law

Human rights law class, American foreign policy and International Law class tomorrow with friends.

Pop’s half smile when we is trying now to smile. How it creeps onto his face and we give him trouble for it every time. ;)

“Marmite is gross”

“You like Marmite, yeah, Emily?”

“Yes, I like it on my mashed potato sandwiches”

“And that about says it all”

Upset when life is not perfect. Need to get over it and make the best of the situation for always.

Everything as fast as possible. Restless. Do it.


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