Back in Leicester: 2nd Semester Abroad

To friends when met them: “Toast to our yearlong friendship. Before we leave each other for other ends of the world!”

Brief lapse in my determination but I have got it back just in time for school to start. 1st semester exams tomorrow.Making coffee cleaning my room and charging my ipod for the trip to the library and have all the books written down that I need and ready to start reading today. :) Our first reading for my politics is class is the Leviathan by Hobbes. Supposedly the library has all the books I need so I’m going to run now and snatch them before everyone else does!

Going up the elevator ATT tower first semester- guys standing there explaining how it works. “Alight at the 2nd floor, or else you go into the basement where it is pitch dark. We have sharp sticks to poke the rats with though.”

All the new study abroad students got here today. Hanging out with the new people in the house tonight to break the ice. We now have Portuguese, Korean, American and English girls upstairs at Hastings House. All really friendly!

Last night we all went and hung out in the new Portuguese girl’s room. I invited a bunch of people and there ended up being like 20 people in their tiny room! It was really nice! I think everyone had a bit of fun.

Eva spent the night and we stayed up all night. We skyped Mom and Pop from like 1-3. Eva loved both of you so much!! And I loved Ma’s Keep Calm and Carry On mug. xxxx After we made pasta and chatted with the guys in the kitchen. And then philosophized and listened to music til 6 am or so. :P

This morning got all the girls together and we went to brunch at 12. It was shit food of course. But not everything can be perfect. :P We walked back through the Botanical gardens and showed them around.

Now it is some me time. I am heading to Uni to get some books at the library for my new classes which start MONDAY. So excited about the classes. They all seem good. :) Excited.

Bedtime more clubs for me.

I have been asked a few times how my Christmas in Europe was. “You went to Europe, right?” My British friends have asked me. Going to brunch today me and Em saw my French and Spanish friends. “How was brunch?” “Terrible.” “It’s because they are EUROPEAN. They are used to quality baguettes and such” Emily said. Apparently British peoples do not consider themselves “European,” they are just British. When they travel outside of the UK they say they are going to Europe, to the mainland, to the continent. They consider their island to be separated from the rest of Europe in culture. Interesting!

‘Go somewhere that doesn’t speak English next! Best way to learn a language!’

Came home to Em crying. Got her to go downstairs and hang out with our house and Eva and Aurelien. CAN SOMEONE FIND ME A JOB WHERE BEING A CATALYST IS USEFUL???? Because I am pretty sure I have an innate talent. Everyone downstairs is together because of me. And I’m not even there anymore.

Mock the Week. Fresh Meat.  Campus. Great shows.

Went jogging this morning and found a park, Knighton Park. It was really cute and tons of Brits walking their dogs around. :)


The Perfume: parallels to Frankenstein. On the outside looking in. Born different. Born a monster/creating a monster. Sacrifice self because will never belong. Parallels between love and death. Commenting on human nature- infatuated by and slaves to death and beauty?

Going to sign up for trips before my exam with my friends Eva and Martin. (Martin is from Slovakia. I always introduce him to people like this and he got pissed at me at breakfast for doing it today. Oops. :P But I think it’s awesome he’s from Slovakia, it’s a conversation starter. When introducing people one should always state an interesting fact about those being introduced. I was attempting to integrate his culture into the conversation as we were talking about our home countries. I explained this to him and he said I was a true politician with my strategic conversations. :P)

Ciao I’m out for the day! Exam and French lesson.

We’re going out together as a house something next week to bond so we can be EXCLUSIVE when the new people come.

Need to start emaling the Study Abroad Department to get on their good side.

Weird night birds ALWAYS chirping outside my windows.

Talking to Mom, said I worried they were not doing what THEY wanted to do. And she told me, “We always HAVE done what we wanted. THAT’s why all the neighbors and doctors didn’t like us.” I LOVE IT. So true. So happy you two have been who you are, always. :D

Multi skyped with Ma and Ben. Was nice. :D Ben talks like Pop on the phone.

Em gave me 40 pence for a Jaffa Cake run to ASDA last night. Forgot them! (Emily told me not to comment on her devastated reaction as she does not want people to know how much Jaffa Cakes mean to her. Haha.)

I need to recount the story of the breakin this summer with the carrot shavings and the moment our true humanity was revealed.

I was downstairs doing the warden check of the locks of the doors (three. it is best if I can see all three from the same spot. There is one spot in the kitchen you can see all three. This is my post. :P) Andway. Checked the locks. Checked the rooms to see everyone was asleep. Grabbed a handful of carrot shavings for Pax and headed up the stairs. As I was on my way up the stairs I started as I heard a key in the front door- and then the door opening quietly…

I ran screaming into my parents room and jumped through the air into the centre of their bed. “SOMEONE IS COMING IN THE DOOR SOMEONE IS COMING IN THE DOOR” I screeched wide eyed and crazy into the half asleep and alarmed faces of my dear parents. I started shoving my Pa out of the bed and to the door while using him to shield myself. He opened the door to their room and there was red splattered all over the carpet in the hall. “BLOOD!!!!!” I shreiked and ran into the bathroom, locking the door, saving MYSELF. :P

“Get the FUCK out of my house” my Pop growled through his door at the intruder. “GettheFUCKOUTTAmyhouse.” Pop continued to growl and be altogether terrifying and be a great hero while I cowarded in the bathroom listening to the debacle. Mom swooped in as the thinking voice of reason– “I think I heard Ben—” Pop momnetarily stopped growling and Ben came out of the shadows. “Hello…?”

The blood turned out to be the carrot shavings I was bringing up to Pax and we realized Ben had gone out again after he came back earlier. It all turned out to be really funny. But it took Pop a good fifteen minutes or so to figure out what was going on and come down from his adrenaline rush. Crazy night! :P

Also I know how to say bitch in Slovakian. hahaha

birmingham, CRUMPETS, updownupdownupdownupdown, have a curry with her

zebras- pronounced “Z-EH-BRAS” oddest difference between british and american english.

Brits just love to take the piss. They cannot help it.

We see very little of the sun in this country.

Love the moss all over everything

House wardens stopped by this morning

“We know your showers are terrible. We ordered new shower curtains earlier this year but they didn’t come in. So we stole some from another hall”


Looked through Em’s stack of books from the library– she checked out Tess of the D’Urbervilles just yesterday! So coincidental! Thomas Hardy, right, Mom? Just the one you told me to get yesterday?? Haha. I’ll have to borrow it from her.

She also got Sherlock and Poe and this continuation to Jane Eyre that I almost got the other day too. Good books!

Getting on the bus downtown today with a mass of people and this guy runs up to me and holds out his ticket. “Sorry?” I said. “Do you want my day pass? I’m not going to need it.” So sweet! I told him I already had a bus pass, but thank you very much! :)

There is a diet scale in our kitchen. And it is not one of the girls’ in the house. We live with a bunch of image obsessed boys. They all diet and go to the gym together.

Checked out Uni rankings today. Leicester is 130 in the world. KU is 450.

LOVE dobby from peep show

comedy write film

crosses on the bottom of brussel sprouts

happy christmas

im shattered

get pissed. all three meanings used daily

christams crackers !!!! :)

mulled wine



French people do not know what peanut butter is.


“Flimsy bastard not worth your thoughts” :)

Treckees (sp?) sweatpants


Salsa dancing with Eva

flapjacks- granola bars

charity shops- thrift stores

ta- thanks

learned how to be calm and act less on impulse xxxxx


blood drives! xxxx

“um, it’s not an insult to be called gay” (me telling off some australian :P)

lectures seminars and tutorials. no CLASS. class is infantile. :P

arabic job




shapes detail



rain gathering in puddles

purple green

nice day hoodie hood

streets like san fran

the willows

the limes

bouncing puddles

walk explore

art room view ATT tower xxxxx

lads  “bros”

Paper forest love

maps of life





peep show jeremy :)

“The Do” French band LOVE

notes to selves and flatmates. :D

Ripples publication with English department

JOBS not just hanging out. WORKING together

The ‘write’ approach workshop


French practice boombaboom

English “fancy dress” parties- every other party in England. COSTUME parties.

God you just have to love the people in our house sometimes. Jack and Italian Dan are so caring and responsible and are doing so much to help Eva. Love them.

Also we are going to practice intonation a lot in this French course. It is a very sing songy language. Now I understand why my French friends talk the way they do. They probably think we talk really flatly.


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