A Month Alone in Germany

I’ve been missing my family for awhile. I also miss driving wherever the hell I want to and being able to understand everything and be in control of every situation. I also miss all the hipsters in Lawrence, KS.

Regardless, I will be excited to go back to America. I am excited to go back to Leicester, England at present as well but am realizing how much harder it will be to continue with these strong relationships when we know that the end is in sight. Sad, really. With my family and friends back home, I knew that I would see all of you again. But with these new friends I have made abroad, I am sure it will be hard. But all you can do is love the moment, right? :)

Ate fish at Birgits tonight with sateed fennel. Very good. Watched the Kings Speech. Also very good.

Yesterday morning I woke up and watched a documentary about Boticelli’s Primavera. Very interesting!! So much mystery and myth behind it!! After I cleaned the kitchen, had some coffee and bröchen with butter and went out for a jog. I realized I should always try and blog after I jog, so that I get into a good routine. As I was out jogging I scribbled notes to myself on a scrap of paper against a lamp post. :) Back at home I read art history for school and then Birgit came over and we made dinner. We had Spaghetti Carbonara, which was DELICIOUS. The sauce is made with creme and eggs and parmesan and you cook the noodles and fry bacon bits and then pour the sauce over the top, where it is warmed by the heat of the noodles. Later I learned about the Scream by Norwegian Munsch, the Last Supper by Leonardo OF Vinci :), and Der Kuss by Austrian Klimpt from Vienna.

Busy lately. And just have not been able to get to a computer. Tonight we watched the Illuminati (Dea was so scared!) and I started reading the Dan Brown book Digital Fortress. We had fast food for dinner and Petra poured some Bailey’s while we watched the movie. Earlier today I went to town and wrote and read. It is nasty weather out. But it makes me feel like a badass when I actually force myself to get out in it. Most times it’s just to easy to stay in. :P Last night we had fish for dinner with breaded cauliflower. It was really nice.

I just wrote my first cover letter. I finally got over it and did it and it took like ten minutes. I am such a perfectionist though, I would rather wait forever than write something that is not perfect. Which nothing EVER WILL BE so eventually I just have to suck it up and write and I know I will feel good about myself after. I turned in an application for a Residential Assistant at the dorms at KU for next year, as I think it will be a good solution to the lack of place to live and lack of job. But they start conducting group interviews and everything next month… so it will be hard to conduct all of that long distance if it is even possible. Hopefully it works out though. It was worth a try. :)

I printed out my ARTS form that tells how many more hours I need and all- currently I have 68/120 (not counting this semester). I’m ahead by 8 hours!! BUTTT I lose a few hours doing this study abroad, so it all works out.

I also got an email about this Korean buddy program at Leicester. And usually I would immediately delete emails like that, but tonight I was like, what the hell, and went online and signed up for it. Who knows?

I also was looking online and realized after I return I will have met enough qualifications to recieve the GAP certificate at KU so I will have to remember to apply for that when I get back. It will definitely look good.

Also I had a vision today of what I want to do with my life. That’s why I’m getting all organized I think, because I have a firm direction now. I want to do my masters in something to do with neuroscience. Not Psychology, I want the actual FACTS. I’m not sure how that works seeing as I’m not on the science academic path, but I definitely want to do something pertaining to the human brain and how it works. I have always been fascinated by thought processes and rationale. And I want to explore it further. Along with mental roadblocks like OCD and anxiety. There is not enough information out as there could be for kids like me when I was first learning about what was going on with my mind. And it is not a thouroughly explored area. I want to learn all I can and integrate healthy living; knowledge of the science, awareness of oneself, healthy diet and exercise and balanced life.

I can conquer my demons and help others not feel so alone and helpless by writing about it.

Just an idea I had today. Who knows what I will want to do tomorrow. But I thought it was a pretty productive idea. For myself, and humanity. :P xxx

Obsv: The main difference I have noticed between Europe and America so far: FRESH BAKERY GOODS. All over, layed out beautifully, small dainty portions. Everywhere, everyday, everyone eating them.

Europeans buy food for the day, not for the week. Seems like a lot of work, but so worth it when you get to eat fresh bread and fresh fruit and vegetables daily.

Yesterday I walked downtown and there was a market on the streets, tons of fruit, vegetables, bakery and meat being sold by individual owners. SO wanted to get a picture of the meats and fish lined up but I was already getting odd looks so I opted against it.

Another thing which I have gotten used to over here is buying eggs off the shelf, not from the refridgerated section. It’s like that in England and Germany both. In America we freak out if we don’t get our eggs immediately in the refridgerator when we get home, but here they leave them out all day. There is a sooner expiration date on them, but I prefer that to the unnatural expiration dates in the states. Everything expires sooner over here, and it reassures me that I am not packing my body with QUITE as much preservatives as I did when in America.

Food is my new political interest. I could tell you so much more about the quality of food than about world politics right now.

All of the bikes in Germany have baskets like this attached to them so they can go to the grocery store and bike it home. Bags are not free at the grocery store, so the basket is a great way to carry it home. Smart and efficient!


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