German Adaptation and Host Family

“So what are you going to do? Just travel the world and write tour guides about how to sit on your ass in a foreign country?” -My lovely brother, Ben

Took backpack and walked to the mall. Bought a nice planner for 2012 and a nice cross hatched notebook (need to stock up on those for when I go back to England for school). Went to the cafe Back Factory where I successfully ordered two cappuccinos, changed seats twice, got a fourth of the way through Sense and Sensibility and copied two pages of German phrases down. Went to Re al and bought some good dense bread with some sort of nuts covering it, dried cherries, basil spaghetii sauce and eggs. Came home around 4 when Petra and Dea got home. Had bread and butter and a beer. We are eating at Birgits around six so I had better start getting ready to go over. We are having Schnitzel and Noodles. :)

Bringing eggs over to Birgit’s under a blue night sky and full moon craters and all.

German boy my age drives past on his bike and looks at me as I am repeatedly yanking on the front door in an attempt to prove to my OCD self that it is locked.

Beautiful dinner at Birgits: Thin quiche pizza with fresh tomatos cuumbers and spices on top. SUPERB. Along with fresh salad with italian dressing (have not had salad dressing in months as the Brits do not know it exists…). For dessert rasberries and cherries in ‘Quark’ which is a bit like yogurt but thicker and less sour. Very good!

Housesitting for Birgit again today. Sally curled up next to me on the chair taking up three fourths of it and being as cute as ever. Listening to my music today. I have not listened in awhile. Going through all the stuff I had saved my my flashdrive, the only remaining documents from two years worth of typing. That’s why this new blog is great, because godknows how hard I am on laptops so it’s nice to have my thoughts officially saved.

Perfect life. Do it all know it all but most important be it all. Be exactly and fully and wholly yourself. No regrets. No lost time.

Watched some winter sports on tv- figure skating and extreme skiing- and about to start studying German and then art history. I realized that I cannot be mad at myself and the world that I don’t know another language when I am not putting in the effort. And the time to learn is now. So I will. Finally.

Obsv: Many many German men with ear piercings.

Went to the Bauhaus this morning with Petra and saw a whole section dedicated to ‘Holz’ and smiled. What do you think our crazy ancestors did with wood?

‘Feathers and chickenshit on my eggs, Dea…’

‘Of course. It’s because they come out of the chicken’s ass.’

Coffee and tea and scrimping and saving

Holding out for the perfect occasions

Buttering the bread like there’s some for us all

Stealing the shadows from the idealist’s bar

Learning to go

That’s how I will know

You can never get enough

Once you’ve started to grow

german word a day


edge. :)

get food at monoprix when go to paris someday :)

there is a law in Germany that says kids room cannot be on the north facing wall! sunlight.

metro paper. love

love reading reviews. short snipits. get good at. biting.

bleak but spicy

In Germany cannot get a divorce unitl have lived separately for 1 year. In Italy it is 3 years.

Call from Dea: ‘Can I get an order of 4 teddy bears and the fake phone when you come over?’ :D

Bed and breakfast south of france five years time birgit and petra


Momentary unquenchable longing. Quenched by the time got home.

reinvent self constantly

cat just lapped up my leftover cereal milk on my desk while I was writing.

Merciless feminist manifestos

‘Darling. Of course you havent woken me. Im just leaving for the studio. I cant believe you are in a state like this over a stupid MAN. Theyre all completely self centered, sexually incontinent and no use to man or beast. Yes, that DOES include you, Julio.’ -Bridget Jones’ Diary xxxxxxx





Everyday is perfect and full of possibility to expand and grow and as it SHOULD BE.

Curry Wursts. YUUMMMM with fries. German boy serve. Talked to us for forever. Chatted over glüwein.

Not into touristy history as much as the here and now culture and interaction and falling into books.

Always need a notebook and pen posed by my side


I am a writer.

Study whole of next semester. Languages. Classes. Career. Job.

Come back as beginning trilingual


I was/am obliged to… (French people speaking English. Ever single one of them.) :)


Café- art

Written on a tea bag. :)


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