Landing in England

Dear family,

Since the drinking age is 18 over here, all the university sponsored events include alcohol. They promote alcohol. The day we moved in the advisers were standing outside of our houses holding platters full of free shots! Can you imagine?

My roommate had 3 or 4 before she came in to meet me.

Every night the first week the school put on events in our school pub and dance club. So much fun and so many good nights. Another highlight was the school sponsored pub crawl. The pub crawl I went on was like the best night ever. Started at the pub connected to our house around 6 and got back around 6 the next morning after dancing in over 15 clubs around town.
My two good girlfriends are from Paris, France and Seoul, Korea. Feel so humbled with all of these different languages and cultures around me. Also, I have ditched the vegetarian shin-dig as fish and chips is too good in England, and I have to experience bratwurst while here in Germany.

See you soon!




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